PCI MA’s Receive a Hands-on Education

PCI is known for the hands-on education it offers all of its students no matter their program.

This week the Medical Assisting students at the Lawrence campus gained a new appreciation for their hands-on education.

Taking time out from their classes on the Muscloskeltal the students got their hands on a healthy lung, a smokers lung, a healthy heart, and a heart filled with plaque caused by cholesterol.

The students love that they can put on gloves and feel the organs and get a birds eye view, not just a book or video but actually hold it in their hands.  This hands-on education gave the students the opportunity see and feel the heart and lungs giving them a better understanding of what a healthy and a diseased lung and heart. With the lungs they can see the alveoli’s. With the heart they can feel the plaque, which resembles hard fine bone that cuts; while also allowing the MA students to see where the blood vessels have burst.

With a hands-on lab like this one you know that students from other programs came in to see the organs and have fun learning. The MA’s also gained a sense of pride in their education and their, soon to claim, field.

If you are interest in learning more about PCI’s Medical Assisting program click here.

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