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10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant
  1. Lots of ways to FIND A JOB.  Because Medical Assistants are trained in billing and coding, administrative, and clinical work they have many more options when it comes to finding a job.
  2. Better HOURS.  Working as a Medical Assistant more than likely means you will be working in an office environment. This means more chance of a Monday through Friday 9-5 opportunity.
  3. You get to HELP all kinds of PEOPLE. Medical Assistants can work with many, many types of people. Old. Young. Rich. Poor. Sick. Healthy.
  4. Work is NEVER BORING.  A doctor’s office is ever-changing. Even if you are in a specialty you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day.
  5. Wonderful OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH.  Medical Assisting can be stepping-stone on your career path. Use it as a foot in the door while you pursue your degree in nursing. Start in the back office and work  your way up to management. The choice is yours.
  6. Plenty of JOB SECURITY.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Medical Assisting is projected to grow by 29% between 2012-2022. This means YOU will have a great opportunity to find employment once you finish school.
  7. Hands On. Medical Assistants are front-line. They are the ones who work hands on with patients giving them injections, EKGs, drawing blood, and many other skills.
  8. Make a DIFFERENCE. Work side-by-side with doctors and nurses who are changing the face of healthcare.
  9. Fulfill a DREAM. Medical Assisting gives people the opportunity to get into the medical field when they didn’t think they could.
  10. Jobs are EVERYWHERE. No matter where you go, there is always a need for medical assistants. Small town or big city. There are opportunities everywhere.









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