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5 Reasons Why Medical Assistant Online Is Amazing

5 Reasons Why Medical Assistant Online Is Amazing

1.  Live Lectures:  Weekly live lectures throughout the program making sure you are in touch with you instructors beyond just chat.

2.  Videotaping Procedures:  Video taping non-invasive procedure practice, such as blood pressure, will insure your instructor can see in detail what you are doing and what you need to improve in your technique.

3.  Industry Instructors:  Your instructors have had the real world experience and background working as a Medical Assistant.  They are bringing their practical and professional knowledge into the classroom.

4.  Boot Camp:  As part of your practicum, you will spend 12 days working in Kansas City, 90 hours of that will be at the hands-on intensive boot camp where you will be practicing invasive procedures you can't practice at home.  This includes things like phlebotomy and EKGs.

5.  Externship:  The other half of your practicum, you will be completing 30 hours working in a supervised clinical externship.  This will let you experience what is actually like to be in a real medical office.  

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