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Interview with Sky Climber's VP of People and Culture, Molly Slepecki

Interview with Sky Climber's VP of People and Culture, Molly Slepecki

Molly Slepecki, Vice President of People and Culture at Sky Climber, answered the questions below:

1. Describe what business your company is involved in.


Sky Climber® is a multi-national family of companies brought together to meet a variety of safe access needs across several business verticals. 
Sky Climber Wind Solutions, LLC is an established supplier of premiere wind turbine maintenance, repair and inspection services. Our specialized service offering leverages over 50 years of experience helping customers achieve their operational goals. 

Blade, Nacelle and Spinner Maintenance 
Access Solutions 
O&M Service 
New Construction & Commissioning 
Turbine Cleaning & Painting 
Safety Professionals & Training 

Sky Climber has been designing, engineering and manufacturing suspended access equipment such as quality hoists, rigging solutions, and modular work platforms for over 50 years. 

Sky Climber was the first in the industry to promote Safety, Service and Solutions and continues in a leadership role using this focus as the cornerstones for growth and development into the future. As the most recognized name in the world of suspended access solutions. 

Sky Climber Tower Solutions, LLC, works with Tower Owners to engineer and provide structural upgrades, safety and installation solutions and training on our systems. 

Structural Upgrades 
Monopole Upgrades & Reinforcements 
Safety Systems Engineering 
Equipment Installation 
Mapping Services

2. When was your company established?

3. What is your company’s mission statement?
Sky Climber family of companies is dedicated to providing safe access at heights across a variety of verticals. Our primary core value is the safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we work. 

4. How is your company involved in the community?
Sky Climber takes an active role whenever possible in helping our local communities. We have a payroll program that allows employees to contribute directly to the United Way. We have employees who are active in a charity called People In Need, which helps local families with emergency needs. In the past, we have participated in events that have benefited academic scholarships. This is an ongoing focus for us and we are continuously striving to become involved in our local communities. 

5. What sets your company apart from others in your field?
Sky Climber’s service offerings are unique to the industries that we support because we design, engineer and manufacture our own equipment used for services and provide advanced training internally, limiting project liability and offering customers greater value. 

6. What do you look for when hiring new employees?
Sky Climber continuously seeks new talent that is culturally aligned to our family of companies, that has career goals that line up with our initiatives and that holds safety as one of their highest standards. 

7. How would you characterize the type of employees that graduate from PCI?
We have had great luck with PCI graduates. So far they have proven to be diligent, knowledgeable and adaptable to our business.




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