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Top Five Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant

Top Five Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant

1.  You want to be PROUD:  If you want to be proud of what you do – that you made a difference in patient’s lives, this can be a rewarding career for you.  You are at the front line of health care in physician’s offices – so whether it’s greeting patients and scheduling, or removing casts and drawing blood – you spend every day doing something worthwhile.

2.  You want to work with PEOPLE:  Admittedly, healthcare fields are not often glamorous.  Patients are often there because something is wrong and because they don’t feel well.  Making someone feel better on what has been a bad day for them is often its own reward.  This is truly a helping field.

3.  You want FLEXIBILITY:  Medical Assistants normally work in a physician’s office, which means they have the flexibility that an office setting provides.  You often have the possibility of working part time as well if the clinic or office you work for allows.

4.  You want a career in DEMAND:  We have figured out how to make just about every industry as efficient as possible, the one place where this really hasn’t and is not likely to happen is healthcare.  As our population ages and more people use more non-emergency medical care, there is a growing demand for professionals in healthcare.

5.  You want CHOICES:  Medical assistants can specialize in front office or back labs, or stay generalists.  You can work for a physician’s office or in a clinic attached to a larger hospital (especially if you want to launch your healthcare vertical).  You also have your choice of working with everyone from pediatric to geriatrics, from neurologist to podiatrists.

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