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The Top Five Reasons to Become A Personal Trainer

The Top Five Reasons to Become A Personal Trainer
  1. You want to do something you LOVE – Personal trainers tend to be energetic, helpful, and definitely love working with people.  You get to do that every day, not to mention to challenge yourself every step of the way.  It takes time and hard work developing your skills and ability.  That’s why it’s important to remember:  Do not sacrifice learning and experiencing everything you can within the industry in order to make quick money. Over time, as your knowledge and skills grow, you'll be able to command more money.”  (Kenworthy, Rodrigues)
  2. You want to define your SCHEDULE – Admittedly you need to be there when the client needs you to be there – but if you need to work odd hours or want to choose your schedule you can.  People work out at all hours of the day since they have different schedules themselves.  Many gyms are even open 24 hours now to accommodate clients.  This means that there is not a shortage of clients even if you can’t work during peak hours.
  3. You want to be your own BOSS – Some use their entrepreneurial spirit to work for themselves and enjoy all the freedom and benefits that come with it.  Even if you work for a gym, you still establish your own brand and identity.  After all, you get paid when you train.
  4. You want make a DIFFERENCE – Helping clients make the change in their health and achieve their fitness goals is a reward in itself.  If you have a passion for making the difference in the lives of others, you are on the right track.  This is an inclusive goal – working with everyone from adults with weight loss goals to children and seniors – you make the change.
  5. You want to be part of a GROWTH industry – As we become more aware of the need for being physically fit, we also find that the growth of technology making us more stationary in our daily activity than ever.  This is part of the reason for huge growth in the health and wellness sector – as you see fitness facilities open all over, there is a need for more trainers to staff them.  New developments in the industry with like HIIT and body weight training, there is a shortage both of trainers as well as those that are and can stay current. 

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