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The Five W's of Medical Assisting

The Five W's of Medical Assisting


Medical Assistants are the cornerstone to a medical office. They are from all walks of life, all ages, and all education backgrounds.  They are needed everywhere, big cities or small towns


Medical Assistants work alongside physicians, mainly in outpatient or ambulatory care facilities, such as medical offices and clinics. (

They can perform administrative skills such as: using computer applications, answering telephones, greeting patients, and medical coding and billing.

In addition they can perform clinical skills such as: taking medical histories, assisting during exams, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, and drawing blood.

Medical assistants are at the forefront of patient education and making patients feel comfortable in the medical office.


Medical Assistants are needed all the time. You can become one at any time you decide you are ready to help heal the sick and take care of others in need. At PCI you can become a Medical Assistant in as little as one year.


Medical Assistants work primarily in medical offices. They can also find jobs at blood banks, urgent care centers, off-site laboratories, and research clinics. Medical Assistants can further their training and work as an EKG technician or office manager if they choose to pursue a more administrative position. Medical Assistants are flexible and trained in various areas giving them a wide array of careers to pursue.

Pinnacle offers a certificate in Medical Assisting and then provides students with the opportunity to continue on and earn an Associate’s degree. This degree will give them the additional knowledge and skills to pursue a career in administration be it office management or in some cases, clinical management.  The Associate’s also prepares you for the certificate exams for phlebotomy and EKG.


There are many reasons to become a Medical Assistant. For some, it is a foot in the door to moving through the medical professions. They become a medical assistant to then pursue a career in nursing. Others choose medical assisting for the freedom they gain working in a doctor’s office and being one of the integral members of the medical team. Many pursue medical assisting because of personal experience. Be it an ill family member, or a personal desire to know more about health and the medical world.

I decided to pursue my career in Medical Assisting because I wanted to have the opportunity to work in the medical field while still being able to have a Monday through Friday schedule. I got a job right out of my externship with the same doctor, and then worked my way through the office. As a Medical Assistant I continued to expand my skills and learned more about pulmonary medicine, respiratory therapy, and sleep medicine. That experience gave me what I needed to become an instructor and then Lead Faculty. Now I have the opportunity to work with students every day and help them achieve their goal of becoming medical assistants. I’ve seen students overcome many struggles and end up on top.

Medical Assisting can be a very rewarding career. One that I recommend everyone to explore! 

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