10 Tips to Use LinkedIn for Success

By Chris Jones on April 23, 2019

Below are 10 reasons why every business professional should create and maintain a LinkedIn profile.  These are just some of the ways LinkedIn can be used as a powerful tool for professional social media engagement.

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Medical Assisting: One of The Fastest-Growing Practices In The World

By demo on June 12, 2018

As medical assisting continues to be one of the fastest growing occupations in the world with a predicted growth rate of 29% in the coming years, medical assistants with formal training as well as certified and experienced individuals are the best for job prospects. Basically, medical assisting entails performing different routines, clinical and administrative tasks in order for the offices and clinics of podiatrists, chiropractors, physicians, and optometrists to run smoothly.They are even starting to work in hospitals.

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ABCs of Student Success

By Valerie Murphy on June 1, 2018

As another exciting class module begins, I would like to offer you, our PCI students, my ABC’s of PCI success. I have seen all of you learn and grow in your programs, some jumping right in and some a little slower to build up momentum, but all of you developing into the ideal candidate for a future employer in your own ways. So, as they say, “easy as ABC,” here are the steps to PCI student success:

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