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If you attended any school during the 2017 school year and had tuition charged, received Federal funding, or paid interest to your Loan Servicer you will receive a Tax Form. Pinnacle Career Institute has emailed your 1098-T to the email address on file, and if you are currently paying on a Federal student loan you should also receive a 1098-E from your lending institution.

The 1098-T form details the fees paid for tuition and other educational expenses.  This does not necessarily include expenses such as books (but can still be claimed). However, Pinnacle Career Institute has all-inclusive tuition and a book fee would not be applicable. In addition, you can also see if you are eligible for tax credits or other educational deductions while filing. #TaxBreak  

The 1098-E form details the interest you have paid toward your Federal student loan for the year. Use this form to deduct a portion of the interest paid towards your student loan.

It’s very important to wait for these forms before filing in order to MAXIMIZE your return. All tax forms will either be mailed to your current address that the lender has on file or electronically sent to your email. Please be sure to call your lender or institution if you haven’t received your tax form by mid-February.


Airplanes and Wind Turbines

Airplanes and Wind Turbines

Many individuals might wonder what do wind turbines and airplanes have in common. On the surface very little, except for the enormous blades look like a propeller. There is enough commonality that Boeing in the early 1980s manufactured several wind turbines for the first wind farm.  The blades on the wind turbine “pitch” in angle to create lift and stall. This is the primary means of speed regulation of the commercial wind turbine. This is the same exact concept behind a variable pitch aircraft propeller.

The blades on wind turbines are designed by aeronautical engineers. These individuals are often hired directly from the aircraft industry. Many of the materials in the wind turbine blades are similar or identical to the composite materials in aircraft and maritime applications. Carbon fiber specifically is chosen for strength, flexibility and the stiffening properties in the blade. The blades after manufacture are tested in a jig that will test for flexibility and stress fractures. The device will also bend the blade to extremes to see if they break. The blade contours are very carefully designed to cut down on vibration and noise. The profile of the wind turbine blade is nearly identical to an aircraft blade. The tips or ends of the blade generally canted back towards the tower. This is the same concept as the aircraft wings that are tipped upwards on the wing tips. This wings are fabricated in this manner to cancel out vortices, AKA mini tornadoes. These vortices create noise and destroy the aerodynamic efficiency of an aircraft or a wind turbine.

The individuals servicing and maintaining wind turbines are often ex-military, and frequently those with an aviation background. The wind turbine technician job growth rate is projected to at an incredible growth rate of 104% until at least 2024. Wind turbine manufacturers experiencing a deficit of skilled technical labor have also resorted to directly hiring out of aviation mechanics schools. Again much of the training, skill sets and concepts are largely similar. In the final analysis there are enormous similarities. For the average person with training this presents a good job opportunity. Working on a wind turbine is essentially industrial maintenance at height. To boot it has a built in daily workout routine.   

Massage Can Be Life Changing

Massage Can Be Life Changing

The crippling fear of waking up every morning knowing that you will have to put up with persistent pain all day long. Knowing that each and every day you are close to your breaking point and getting ready to take that pain killer or that ibuprofen. Just as you go to reach for that bottle an article comes up in your news feed about a massage and the benefits of massage. You now have sparked a thought in your brain. Curiosity sets in, which leads you to my table.

I cannot tell you the amount of clients that I have had that simply want me to work out life for them. When I say life, I mean the daily grind of bumper to bumper traffic, meetings that are monotonous and lengthy, deadlines that are due to expire, making sure that all the kids are at correct practices and on time to games, making sure that supper isn’t being burnt while you try to clean the living room all three bathrooms because the in-laws are coming for dinner and change the baby’s diaper, all at the same time.  Life gets in the way for all of us at all points in time. We are always taking care of things that need to be done, all the while not taking care of ourselves when we need to. We do not fall high on our own priority list. That is where my profession, my lifestyle, and my passion comes into play.

Remember that article I was talking about when life was about to distract you again? That article could be your answer to a life changing moment for you. Take it. Here is what will happen when you take that opportunity:

  • ·         Decreased stress
  • ·         Decrease in anxiety
  • ·         Reduction of pain
  • ·         Reduction of headaches
  • ·         Alleviation of insomnia
  • ·         Increased relaxation
  • ·         Increased knowledge
  • ·         Decreased depression
  • ·         Lowers blood pressure
  • ·         Improves immune system










These are just some of the benefits that can happen. There is so much more to gain from getting massage. Taking a leap to better your life can be a hard thing for many people. There is only life to gain with massage. Being able to feel relief without pumping your body full of hard to pronounce chemical pain reducers is a wonderful thing for the mind, body and soul. There are many ways to relax with massage including Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, and body wraps.  There are also ways to increase your body’s performance with trigger point therapy, myofascial release and orthopedic massage. Massage is for everyone - young or old.

Speaking from a therapist's point of view, massage has changed my life tremendously. Not only do I get to meet other therapist and see how their styles are, I get to work on clients every day knowing that I am the reason for someone’s smile, for someone’s jump in quality of life or just someone’s friend. There is not a better way I would want to spend my life and or career than being able to do all of that on any given day. 

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