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Your Career: Resume Examples and Help

Your Career:  Resume Examples and Help


Your resume is one of the most important documents you will ever create and will likely determine if you are selected for an interview. First impressions count and employers want to know within seconds of reading your resume: "Why should we hire you? How are you qualified for this position? What differentiates you from other applicants?"


1. Choose the correct format (Functional, Chronological, Combination)

2. Include all contact information

3. Choose a conservative font

4. Tailor your resume for each position you apply for

5. Keep your resume concise and streamlined by using bullets and clear headings

6. Utilize keywords from job description in your resume

7. Prioritize your resume content by placing most relevant information first

8. Focus on accomplishments, accolades, and praises; quantify when appropriate

9. Proofread, proofread, proofread


There are several sample resumes below.  Please download ones that you feel would be appropriate to see ideas for how to write your own resume.  When complete, email to your Career Services Coordinator for review. 

Your Career: LinkedIn Profile

Your Career:  LinkedIn Profile


A LinkedIn profile is a necessity in today's job search.  It allows you to communicate to potential employers 24/7 and to quickly show your abilities and skills.  Some companies search for future employees or look to fill specific spots throughLinkedIn before they actually post a job or while they're interviewing. A LinkedIn profile acts as a resume. Your LinkedIn profile might be the first professional impression an employer has of you.


We found some great resources to help get you started.  There is a free class in how to use LinkedIn at:  https://www.gcflearnfree.org/linkedin/

There is a great Youtube video for how to set up your profile at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0kW9j-b2xM


1. Include in your headline the position or type of work you are looking for, whether that is "Wind Turbine Technician" or "Massage Therapist," so that you show up in searches. 

2. Include all contact information and keep this updated

3. Use a professional appearing photograph for your profile picture - professionally dressed for the field with a monotone background.

4. Write a good summary and have friends and colleagues help check it to make sure it works well and doesn't have any typos. 

5. Emphasize your professional skills - endorsements are very helpful, don't be afraid to ask. 

6. When adding people to your LinkedIn, it is more effective to personalize your invitation to connect. 

7. Join Groups!  There are groups related to every industry or niche, joining and participating in this can build your network.

8.  Be active!  Many check LinkedIn on a daily basis and you don't know when a search will happen.  

9.  The best time to post is Tuesday, 9-10 am CST.  Updates posted between 9 am and 1 pm EST get the most shares. 

10. Proofread, proofread, proofread

SAMPLE LinkedIn Profiles

Dental Assisting Suture Removal

Dental Assisting Suture Removal

Dental assisting student practice suture removal, which is one of their tasks in the field. 

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