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Maryland Disclosure

Maryland Disclosure

Pinnacle Career Institute is registered with the:

Maryland Higher Education Commission:

6 N. Liberty Street, 10th Floor

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Non-Civil Rights Complaints

The faculty and staff of the school recognize that at times problems and complaints may arise. The school is committed to keeping the lines of communication open with all students, graduates, and other parties that have an interest in the actions of the school. Therefore, the school has established a complaint procedure to help resolve these situations. The complaint procedure will be discussed in new student orientation and is posted in the student lounge. In addition, a copy of the procedure may be obtained from the Program Coordinator, Director of Education, or the Executive Director.

In the unlikely situation where a student has a dispute with Pinnacle Career Institute, all disputes regardless of their basis not resolved through internal procedures are subject to the "Student Agreement to Arbitration" as stated and acknowledged in the student enrollment agreement. 

A student having an academic complaint should first discuss it with the instructor. If the issue cannot be resolved with the instructor, the student may discuss it with the campus Director of Education. If the Director of Education cannot satisfactorily resolve the complaint, the student may request the matter be referred to the campus Executive Director. The Executive Director will hear the complaint and make a recommendation for a solution. If the Executive Director cannot satisfactorily resolve the complaint, the student may request the matter be referred to the school’s Chief Academic Officer. The decision of the Chief Academic Officer shall be final. 

If a student does not feel that the school has adequately addressed a complaint or concern, the student may consider contacting the Accrediting Commision of Career Schools and Colleges.  Any complaint considered by the Comission must be in written form, with permission from the complainant for the Comission to forward a copy of the complaint to the school for response. The Comission will keep the complainant informed on the status of the complaint as well as the final resolution. Complaints are requested to be submitted in the following manner:

The complaint should be written and legible, and should include as much detail as possible. Include appropriate supporting documentation and the complainant’s name and contact information. Anonymous complaints may be investigated at the Comission staff’s discretion, if the allegations are serious in nature.

Complaints can be submitted to ACCSC via their compaint process: