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Massage Therapies at Fiddling and Picking Championship

Massage Therapies at Fiddling and Picking Championship

PCI Lawrence Massage Therapies attended the 34th annual Kansas State Fiddling & Picking Championship held Sunday August 23rd, 2015. Performing free chair massages for 50 attendees.

PCI also made available the importance of musicians to receive massages an article found at

“Can massage for musicians really help with how you play? Every musician knows the routine. You practice, you rehearse and hopefully perform. Before you can do any of those things, you need to tune your instrument. Whether you’re a famous musician in the Atlanta scene, a local hero or someone just learning to play, you have to keep your body tuned so that it can perform well for you. Musicians are prone to repetitive stress injuries, scoliosis, anxiety and restlessness. That’s where Therapeutic Massage comes in. It can help you overcome all those problems and keep your body alert and responsive as well as help to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.  Although stage fright can ruin a performance, Massage Therapy can help to relax your body so that your mind can relax too. Massage also helps you sleep better and longer, which enables you to play your best. Tight or sore muscles can distract you from your performance as you focus on the pain. Let’s face it, if your back hurts every time you pick up your guitar, your performance will suffer. Massage Therapy can help by loosening the muscles so they are more flexible. It also improves posture and increases the circulation throughout the body, which promotes healing.” 

This was the 35th Annual competition in Lawrence, Kansas.  The competition brings musicians from all over the state and country.  The main competitions were held in South Park near downtown Lawrence.  We were happy to be a part and continue to build a community at work.




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