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Massage Therapy | How I Found My Passion

Massage Therapy | How I Found My Passion

Success is something not handed to you. We must work diligently, relentlessly, and passionately for the things we desire most. I never saw myself as a massage therapist. I didn’t dream of working in remote corners of the world, healing people with therapeutic touch. I didn’t wish to dive into alternative healthcare and become passionate about natural healing methods. This path found me. This journey started when I made the call to Pinnacle Career Institute to set up a tour of the campus, July 2015. Joey answered the phone with a warm, friendly voice. He invited me to see the campus, and he educated me about the massage therapy program. I was hooked and applied that afternoon. I quit my job as a server to pursue a better living. I was confident that I wouldn’t ever go back. I knew I had compassionate, healing capabilities. What I didn’t know was how much was waiting to burst out.

The people that surrounded me were the biggest cheerleaders, at school. Teachers were excited to have new students and the staff wanted to learn my name. Every time I passed someone in the halls, a friendly “hello!” followed. This place was alright. I quickly stopped worrying about how I was going to pay off those student loans, and my doubts about getting perfect grades were fading. This was do-able.

I remember the first day of Foundations. I was the only one in the class without a uniform, wearing jeans. How embarrassing! Our instructor entered the room with this intimidating presence. He looked like one of those biker guys that fundraises for “Bikers for Babies”. This guy was surely in the wrong room. It wasn’t minutes later that I realized he wasn’t scary at all. He started playing reggae music before he started to lecture. Reggae? In the classroom? This guy is somethin’ else! Kyle quickly became my favorite instructor. I wanted to remember every word out of his mouth because it was massage gold! Foundations was a blast. Finally, I was alongside other therapists who were just as excited as me to learn about massage therapy.

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