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Pinnacle Career Institute | Career Change?

Pinnacle Career Institute | Career Change?

Are you trying to make a career change but don’t think you can? The average age of retirement for men is 62 and age 4 for women.  Of course, to put 4 years into education may not be beneficial, but what if you could change careers in 15 months or less?  It happens every day.  The medical and health fields are constantly growing, and you could potentially be a part of it.  How much time do you have to invest in education?

  • Medical Assistant – 12 months*
  • Medical Billing and Coding – 15 months*
  • Dental Assistant – 9 months*
  • Massage Therapy – 7 months or 11 months*
  • Esthetician – 12 months*

Education in the medical and health fields can be a realistic option.  Contact Pinnacle Career Institute, and we can show you how.

*assuming continuous enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

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