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Sneak Peek at New Personal Training Exercise Technique Videos

Sneak Peek at New Personal Training Exercise Technique Videos

There are some changes coming to the exercise technique videos in the PT program and I wanted to share them with everyone.  Currently students in the PT program submit a video of themselves performing and explaining the exercise for each week.  This is intent of the assignments is inherently a good thing as the exposure to instructing exercises and being comfortable on camera is a key in marketing and promotions for a modern trainer.  The students already have a quiz over the exercise each week and I wanted to expose them to more critical thinking questions about the exercises that will more closely resemble question on their certification exams as well.  There will still be video assignments but those will be the trainer skills and assessments that must be demonstrated to show proficiency. 

  • In the near future (date is still being determined due to the top secret nature of this project) the students will watch a video much like the;  “Bend and Lift Sneak Peek Exercise Technique Video” and then answer a series of questions about plane of movement, proper form, tight/weak muscles, and various other detail points.  The new video quiz will more closely mimic what Personal Training students will see in the field, what employers want trainers to know, and help teach them how to correct form and train their eye to notice and correct errors quickly.  These videos are not necessarily instructional videos, but videos that will have questions attached to them to allow for critical thinking about the key points.
  • Take a moment and go check it out and “like” it.  Feel free to share it on your own pages as well.  Even if you are not a personal trainer I am sure you will learn a few things just from this short video. 

I am excited about this new adjustment to the exercise technique video assignments and am happy to share this sneak peek with all of you as well.  Don’t forget, this is top secret...

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