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Student Spotlight | HVAC Technician featuring Phines Sanders

Student Spotlight | HVAC Technician featuring Phines Sanders

Who encouraged you to come to school and why? 
Elton Ladd, He encouraged me to use my time working at PCI effectively, to develop additional skills for myself, also to learn what our students work through in order to have a better value and appreciation of their experience. 

Why did you chose PCI?
I choose PCI because of the educational platform. PCI offered HVAC training online, information literally at my fingertips, and with my crazy busy schedule, the class flexibility and structure removed the excuse to be complacent. 

What are you enjoying most about your PCI experience? 
The feeling that I earned a marketable trade that I can use to add value to my life until I decide not to. 

What are your educational goals? 
First; I plan to learn a lot more about the HVAC industry, but ultimately I see myself working into politics using the route of HVAC through the Department of Energy.

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