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Student Spotlight | Wind Turbine Technician featuring Anthony Kirby

Student Spotlight | Wind Turbine Technician featuring Anthony Kirby

Student Spotlight:

Anthony Kirby

Wind Turbine Technician

I was working in a career field where I felt stagnated, and I wanted to do something different and more exciting. After the loss of my grandmother, who really was behind the push to get me to do something I really loved to do and support a family, I began looking for a new career. A good friend of mine mentioned the amount of wind turbine farms being built, and it was something that really caught my attention. With the encouragement of my family and friends I decided to take a new path in life, and start working toward being a Wind Turbine Technician.

PCI was one of the top of the list when searching for a good wind turbine program. After browsing the website for a few weeks, I was very interested in it because I could take my courses online, then get hands on with training through the wind turbine boot camp. It made sense to me with my busy schedule with work and kids. PCI was far more flexible this way compared to other institutions.

It is really hard to limit one thing that I enjoy because PCI has been a great experience. Comparing my experience to more traditional university/college environments, PCI wins hands down. I have never attended another educational institution like PCI that every staff member whom I am in contact with WANTS you to succeed, and are excited to help you get there. The online classroom is very informative, open, and honest with some of the best instructors in their respected fields.

My next step after graduation is to work toward my associates degree in wind technology (AOS) while travelling the world as a wind technician. Later down the road would love to get into an engineering program for wind turbine technologies.

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