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Student Spotlight | Wind Turbine Technician featuring Keilan Gordon

Student Spotlight | Wind Turbine Technician featuring Keilan Gordon

I was working dead end jobs, and I knew I wanted more for myself. My cousin, Martez Irvin, an October 2015 wind turbine technician graduate, played a huge role in my life changing journey. He told me about the program, and I was instantly sold. I made an oath to myself that no matter what obstacles I had to overcome I was ready to make a change since I was tired of struggling.

After doing research on wind turbine technician programs, none stood out like PCI. I knew PCI would provide the proper training to be successful in my career field.  Turns out, it has been the best decision of my young life.

What I have enjoyed most about my PCI journey is learning everything about wind energy and my classmates since we gelled and became a brotherhood. In fact, I exceeded my own expectations. I cannot forget my instructor Derric Dailey; he played a huge role in my success. Because I enjoyed my wind certification program so much, I have signed up for an additional six months in the associate’s program.

Within five years, I see myself as a technical advisor or site manager in wind energy. Also, I see myself as a role model teaching others how to apply themselves while showing how hard work does pay off. Words cannot express how honored and blessed I feel.  Also, I have plans to mentor kids to overcome obstacles. Since I am grateful for my experience at PCI and how it has changed my future, I look forward to coming back and showing my appreciation.

I love helping current (ground and online) students with hands-on training.  It feels great when someone older than me tell me thank you and that he or she learned something from me. I love being involved with wind energy related activities and helping PCI anyway I can and sharing my knowledge I have learned since attending.

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