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Student Spotlight | Wind Turbine Technician Featuring Travis Wood

Student Spotlight | Wind Turbine Technician Featuring Travis Wood

Name: Travis Wood

Program: Wind Turbine Technician Program

Who encouraged you to come to school and why? 

No one encouraged me to join Pinnacle.  It’s just something I did on my own.  After researching Pinnacle, I felt that their program would best fit my needs.  Joining the wind industry has been something I've contemplated for a while now and I’m glad I enrolled.  I can't wait to graduate.  Pinnacle has been a great experience so far.

Why did you choose PCI?

Pinnacle's Wind Turbine Technician program and online classroom setting was the main selling point for me.  The online program has worked well around my work schedule and I encourage anyone that works full or part time to enroll at Pinnacle.

What are you enjoying most about your PCI experience?

The online classroom is great!  My instructors at Pinnacle and the staff in general have been great.

What are your educational goals?

After completing my certificate program I hope to travel the world for a year or so--building wind farms.

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