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Transcripts require a $5 processing fee. Transcript Requests

Transcript Request
Below is our transcript request for students.  If you are a third party seeking a transcript or education verification, please fax 1-866-728-0763 or email a signed release to

Transcript Request

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Transcript Request Information
An official transcript is a certified copy of a student’s permanent record that shows the academic status of the student at time of issuance. The registrar will release transcripts upon formal written request by the student. Requests must include the student’s full name as recorded while attending Pinnacle Career Institute, social security number, and number of copies desired and where the transcript should be sent, along with the student’s original signature. Transcripts may be withheld because of indebtedness to the school.

One copy of an unofficial transcript will be issued to the student at no charge. Thereafter, there will be a $5.00 charge for all subsequent requests.
1. Contact Information

Transcripts are $5.00 for processing, which may be paid via Paypal:


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