Our policy here at PCI is that our students come first. Everyone works hard to ensure you get the assistance and resources you need to complete your education and prepare for a bright new career.

Academic Support

PCI knows that your life does not stop just because you are going to school and we are here to help. If you’re having trouble with a particular subject, you can always reach out to your PCI instructors and Academic Advisors. They’re glad to meet with you personally and assist with classwork.

At PCI, we are here to help you succeed. If you ever have a concern, we have a whole team of support here for you. Your educational goals are within reach at PCI.


Our Academic Services Include:

  • Grade and performance monitoring to keep you on top of schoolwork
  • Online classroom support to help you navigate our online systems
  • Assist with support services, such as tutoring and academic advising
  • Technical Support

Connect with our Education Department

Tracy Baldomino            

VP of Academics 


Sarah Miller




Sherry Plemmons

Academic Advisor II


Caleb Fierbaugh

Academic Advisor II - Reentry


Brittany Marshall

Academic Advisor I


De Urteaga

Academic Advisor I – Boot Camp Coordinator




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