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Successful futures start with Pinnacle Career Institute (PCI), your destination for accelerated technical school programs. Our dynamic and fast-paced online trade school programs are designed to launch you into a successful career swiftly and efficiently. Discover the opportunities that PCI has to offer and explore our online technical school programs by clicking below to get started.



Wind Turbine Technician

Join the alternative energy movement with our renewable energy training online. In our online technician courses, gain the hands-on skills needed to become a leading Wind Turbine Technician in the field. Our programs are structured to provide practical experience and technical expertise in renewable technologies.


Tower Technician

Are you ready to reach new heights? There's nothing like having a workstation in the sky. Work as a Tower Technician in the cell tower industry, trained through PCI's rigorous online program. Our technical school programs equip you with the skills to safely and effectively manage and maintain towers.


HVAC Technician

Choose an in-demand career in a growing field. Our online vocational school offers a detailed HVAC Technician program that highlights why this career path is chosen for better salaries and job security. Learn through practical, hands-on modules that are part of our online technical school programs, ensuring you're ready to tackle job challenges from day one.


Wind Energy Technology

Advance your career with specialized training in wind energy technology. Our online technician courses provide a comprehensive understanding of wind turbines, wind site management, and the cutting-edge IT used in the wind industry. This program is part of our online programs designed to deepen your technical expertise and enhance your career prospects.

At Pinnacle Career Institute in Kansas City, we are dedicated to providing top-quality education through our online trade school programs and technical school programs. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your skills, PCI offers the training you need to excel in today’s competitive job market.

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