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Below is a brief outline of scholarships available for Pinnacle Career Institute's students. Please check with your admissions or financial aid coordinator for a better understanding of the scholarship opportunities.

Note: only one PCI grant or scholarship may be received by a student per program and may not be exchanged for cash or exceed the direct cost of tuition, fees, and institutional charges.

The list of scholarship opportunities below does not have set deadlines associated with the application process. All are considered open, rolling enrollments and may be applied for at any time throughout the year.

PCI Adult Learner Scholarship

The PCI Adult Learner Scholarship is a $2,000 award established to assist adult learners in their quest for higher education. The PCI ALS is a one-time grant provided to qualified adult students planning to attend Pinnacle Career Institute. An application may be submitted by speaking with a financial aid counselor and filling out the scholarship form. The scholarship is awarded if all PCI criteria are met and if there is exceptional need of $5,500 or higher after all other Title IV and outside sources have been awarded for the direct cost of tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Students must apply prior to the beginning of the program.

PCI Adult Learner Scholarship Student Qualifications

  • Enroll in a PCI Program
  • Meet all admissions requirements of the institution
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED
  • Not a previous recipient of any other PCI scholarships

PCI High School Scholarship

PCI recognizes the importance of providing educational opportunities for high school students in our area. PCI provides two $2,000 scholarships to selected area high schools to be awarded to deserving students. The scholarship must be applied toward tuition at PCI and cannot be exchanged for cash. To be considered for the scholarship, the student must follow the application process for the PCI High School Scholarship program and apply prior to the beginning of the program. Information may be obtained either from the student’s admissions coordinator or by requesting it from the Registrar at PCI.

Boot Camp Residential Scholarship

The Boot Camp Residential Scholarship is awarded to a resident legally residing within the metro area in which a Boot Camp is located or within a regional area in relation to the boot camp that air travel may not be available and is within reasonable driving distance of the boot camp. The scholarship is worth $400 to be applied towards tuition and cannot be exchanged for cash value. To be considered for the scholarship, the student must complete the application and provide proof of residency in relation to the location of the boot camp to determine eligibility.

PCI Displaced Workforce Scholarship

Pinnacle Career Institute recognizes the need to provide assistance to workers transitioning during a time of layoff or company closure. The PCI Displaced Workforce Scholarship is specifically provided to assist the displaced workforce with the direct program cost in order to obtain new or additional job skills training.

In order to qualify for this scholarship student must:

  • Be an employee of an approved company as an eligible displaced workforce individual due to a group layoff/termination.
  • Must provide from HR proof of lay-off/termination notice.
  • If receiving company-provided education benefits: must complete all necessary steps to receive the benefit, provide from HR proof of eligibility and dollar amount, and pay education benefit amount to PCI.
  • Start a program at PCI within three months from layoff/termination date.
  • Apply for the scholarship prior to the beginning of the program by completing this application and providing all necessary documentation.
  • Meet all admissions requirements.
  • This scholarship is awarded one-time per individual and cannot be used with any other PCI scholarship/grant.
  • Apply company-provided education benefits payable to the school for the direct cost of the educational program.
  • Acknowledge personal responsibility to pay the debt in the event of funding and/or eligibility changes.


Students are awarded a tuition scholarship of up to 50% (maximum of $2500) of the company provided education benefit or up to $1500 (whichever is greater) without an education benefit based on need and cannot exceed direct program costs to create a credit or cash balance.

Award is determined by Direct education program costs less company-provided education benefit less any other federal grants and/or scholarships not to exceed the direct cost of tuition, fees, books, and other institutional charges. If funding from an outside source(s) and/or other federal financial aid exceeds program cost, the scholarship will be reduced or void.

The scholarship is earned and applied to the account card at the end of the program with successful graduation.

Academic Requirements: Must...

  • Maintain full-time enrollment in a certificate or degree program for which the student is receiving the scholarship
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as detailed in the catalog
  • Successfully graduate from the program

Scholarship application and required documents are to be provided to the Financial Aid Coordinator prior to beginning program.

Legacy Scholarship

The Legacy Scholarship is a scholarship dedicated to assisting immediate family members of PCI students/ alumni. Immediate family members (spouses, children, siblings and parents) of current PCI students or graduates will receive a $1000 Legacy Scholarship to be used toward tuition at PCI. The graduate family member must have graduated within 10 years of the immediate family member applying for this scholarship and application must be made prior to the beginning of the program.

PCI Agency Benefits and Matching Grants

For students sponsored by Federal, State and local governmental, and non-profit training and rehabilitation agencies (i.e. CAP and Displaced Workers under Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation including Veteran’s Rehabilitation and The Services for the Blind), Pinnacle Career Institute makes available a limited number of grants based on remaining need after grant funds are applied.

Agency grants are made to facilitate career studies for individuals who meet PCI’s admissions requirements and are sponsored by governmental and non-profit organizations dedicated to sponsoring education and training for economically, physically, or socially disadvantaged clients.

Current students may not directly apply for PCI’s agency grants. Rather, the decision to award an agency grant is made by the Financial Aid department as a result of Agency Representatives and staff recommendations and or by the request of the sponsoring agency to make such a grant. The number of grants varies depending upon outside agency sponsorship and the availability of budgeted funds. An application must be made prior to the beginning of the program and applied for annually. If a student withdraws and re-enters, a new application must be completed.

The grant given by Pinnacle Career Institute is determined by the following: Tuition charges less the ITA (Individual Training Authorization) certification and any other federal grants and/or scholarships not to exceed the direct cost of tuition, fees, and institutional charges.

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