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Pinnacle Career Institute Reviews and Testimonials

Students, graduates, and people considering returning to school have a lot to say about PCI! See why graduates say we're an excellent choice. Start your back to school journey and learn how we're making students around the country excited about their futures.

So grateful that I turned my life around! 2 years ago I was addicted to drugs and alcohol! I was homeless and running from the courts and jail! 2 years ago I said enough is enough and put myself through pinnacle career institute for wind turbine tech certificate program! Got hired at Anemoi energy services after I graduated! I’ve been working with Anemoi for 8 months been clean and sober 1 year 6 months and 15 days! And I just bought the truck of my dreams (2019 GMC DENALI HD), that most people work their whole lives for and never get! I’m a part of my daughters life again! I have a woman that loves and supports me! And I am very close with what’s left of my family again!!!! And I’m no longer in trouble with the law and got off parole about three months ago. So grateful!! Never give up guys but if you’re struggling learn what’s worth fighting for and fight for it like it’s your last breath of life!!! 


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

I submitted requests for information, PCI called me within the hour. I spoke with a very knowledgeable admissions coordinator and received the information I was searching for.  The decision to go with PCI was simple.  The student support element is second to none.  

Discipline is the key to success and online learning requires a full dose! Never forget the goal, always stay engaged and always work to improve your position. PCI offers support like no other.  I have taken online classes previously and PCI has the student support thing figured out! 

The lab at boot camp was very adequate and filled with opportinities to learn and the instructors were filled with desire to assist and advise.  The entire boot camp experience was memorable with the logistics being a high point.  Thanks PCI!


HVAC Tech Graduate

Having just graduated from PCI’s wind turbine program and comparing it to my experience with 2 other local colleges where I live (Michigan) it was like night and day with my experiences. PCI cares about all of their students and it’s everybody from Admissions to the teaching staff to the administrators, and career services personnel.

The teaching staff is super knowledgeable with their industry related experience and how they use that in addition to our textbooks to give us a very great education.  The wind turbine boot camp is very useful as so many certifications are achieved through that alone. It’s also nice to have hands on experience! Boot camp made it very apparent how much Pinnacle loves their students as the accommodations during the boot camp are top notch caliber. They definitely take care of their students!

What else can I say?! I’m now a graduate, it’s time to find a job, and to get to work! All thanks to the staff at PCI for your help along the way!


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

The entire boot camp experience was amazing for me.  Understanding when something looks beyond your reach because of the squiggly lines in a schematic, the many hydraulic hoses you need to assemble, not to mention the super high towers when you walk up to complete your tower climbing and rescue training and you say to yourself: What did I get myself into? I can't do this. 

All I can say is never give up on yourself! The doubt you feel is what is stopping your dreams from becoming a reality. 

Step out of your comfort zone and strive for greatness, perfection, and remember to trust yourself.  Remember as a Wind Turbine Technician to trust your gear, become one with your gear, and most importantly remember that safety is key and ask tons of questions!

Thank you to my instructors for all the help, knowledge, and sharing the experience needed to succeed in this amazing career. 


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

Overall my experience with P.C.I. was a great one. I recently graduated from the wind tech program on December 2nd, 2019. Before graduating I already had received job offers! This program is built for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed. Anyone that commits themselves to complete this program will have a successful outcome. The instructors were readily available and willing to help in all facets of the program. Like anything in life, it's going to take working hard and being dedicated to the goals which you wish to achieve! There are very few programs across the country that teach the necessary skills to start a career in the wind industry, this is one of them. Most of the program is on-line, this makes life much easier than having to travel to a school far away from home for long periods of time. I believe this program is perfect for anyone like myself who has other variables in their life, yet desire to make a serious change and start a new career. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is highly motivated and a self-starter, you will reap the benefits of your hard work in a short period of time.



Wind Turbine Tech Graduate
I started at PCI because I wanted to make a change in my life. The staff was very helpful from the beginning. They walked me through enrollment and financial aid without a problem. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about the courses. All of them were flexible with their schedules as well. I thought online classes were going to be hard, but it was easy to incorporate them into my normal schedule. My favorite part about the program was the hands-on boot camp towards the end. Meeting the instructors and having that face to face interaction was valuable. I had an opportunity to work with actual tools and climb their mock tower. I thought it was going to take me a couple of months to find a job in this industry, but that was not the case. I had a job lined up before I graduated. Companies are looking for knowledgeable and certified individuals, which is exactly what you get with PCI. I have been working as a wind turbine technician for four months. I'm excited to go to work and every day is a new challenge. If you're looking to make a change and want to advance in a fast-growing industry this is your chance to start with Pinnacle Career Institute. I'm glad I took this opportunity because I know there is so much growth in this field.
Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

I completed the course during the summer of 2020, and I've been working in the industry ever since. Coming into the field with the knowledge I gained at Pinnacle has helped me a lot. I'm happy I made the decision in making the career move and took the extra step to get my education at PCI. 


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

One day I happened to run across a Facebook ad for PCI and decided to give them a call about their Wind Technician program. Next thing I knew I was enrolled and actively in class. There were challenging times where I thought I may not make it, but I stuck with it and pushed through the difficult parts. Now I have a job in the wind industry. I couldn't be happier with my decision to go to school at PCI. It truly changed my life for the better. If you're  wanting a rewarding career in the Wind Industry I highly recommend PCI!!!!! 


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

Just wanted give a big shout out and many thanks to Andy Still, Scott Battles, Victoria Stewart, Kelley my birthday twin and everyone else that made the “boot camp” adventure a soul smiling experience for me and my new friends that just finished up.

I had an amazing time, met some amazing people, and made some amazing friends!! Big Love to each and everyone one of y’all!! I’m so proud of each and every one of you!! I’m so grateful to PCI and all the staff from Michelle Nowak, who pulled me in, to everyone who taught or helped us all along the way. My heart swells with Big Love for you all and just want to express my gratitude for everything. As for my classmates who were there with me...I love you all and believe that each of y’all with achieve greatness in this industry!! Y’all did awesome!!

For all the current students and potential students, keep going, stay focused, and don’t forget to tie off!! It will be worth it and PCI will make sure you have a great experience!! Big Love PCI!!!


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

The company I was hired at seems amazing and I already feel that I will stay with them for a long time. I also am getting placed into electrical and commissioning training. I am really proud of myself because usually it takes years to move up to this type of position but my company can see my strengths and I am proud to say that was all the help I got from PCI. I am so thankful I chose PCI as my training school and thankful for all my teachers. I am so excited for my future in wind. PCI will always have a special place in my heart. One of the new employees with me keeps saying he wished he went to PCI with the way I talk about it. I am so thankful and honored to be a part of the PCI alumni.


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

I worked 55-70 hours per week while I was in school and I even moved. When I went on vacation, I took my laptop and did schoolwork. Yes you can work full time, have a life with your family, and do online schoolwork. All you have to do is take the first step.  I start at my first site next week. If I had the chance to go to school again, I'd do it in a heartbeat, in fact, I wish that I had done it 10 years ago. The boot camp was an amazing experience and really helped prepare me for my new job. 


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

I recently graduated from PCI's Wind Turbine Technician program and it is becoming one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. From my first initial phone call, they were interested in my success and assisted me patiently with the application process, financial aid, and other online steps that I needed to complete. Through PCI's Wind Turbine Technician program, I learned skills relating and applicable to Industrial Safety, Computer Literacy, Electricity and Power Generation, Wind Turbine Science, the Wind Energy Industry, Industrial Maintenance and Operations, and concluded with a 10 day on location 'Boot Camp' program. I was able to apply what I had learned in a hands-on environment. After the course concluded, I was assisted by PCI staff on how to write, revise and improve my resume. They also gave me tips on how to research a company and job position that would best utilize my learned skills and personal strengths and time availability. I am a new hire of FieldCore, GE, as a Wind Commissioning Technician. I can honestly say, that my life is different now than it was before I started PCI. I was working 2 part-time jobs: as a substitute teacher and as a line cook at a McDonald's restaurant; both were minimum wage jobs. Working both jobs didn't give me the time or desire to complete a traditional college program. The online student experience let me learn, work and test on my time and specifically delivered on information, skills, and subjects directly related to the job I was focusing on. If you want to change your life, work hard and get into a new career, maybe PCI is the path for you as it was for me."


Wind Turbine Tech Graduate

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