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That’s why many of our programs include a modern mix of on-campus and online education. Our flexible career training programs are designed to get you into the workforce faster than a traditional college or university. With PCI, you can get the education and training you need for a rewarding career while maintaining your existing work, family and social commitments.


The PCI campuses are where you live. There are two locations in the Kansas City Metro Area and one campus in Lawrence, Kansas. Or check out our online option where we bring the classroom to you.


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Military Benefits

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Prior to enrolling in the Wind Program at PCI, I didn't have any direction in my life. In fact, I approached enrolling in school again for the first time in nearly a decade with much trepidation & uncertainty. How could I make such a hefty decision without assurance that I'd achieve my goal and without understanding the scope of the commitment? There were a lot of questions & doubt regarding what I am capable of and to this day, I am still liable to attribute making the decision to a dream I had in which I stood atop a turbine, soaking in the view. However, I've learned to give myself credit and so the truth is much closer to this: simply, I realized I couldn't know until I tried and not knowing the outcome or result is not & should never be reason at all to stall on a decision or limit oneself. As a student at PCI, I continuously surprised myself with ability I never realized I had. I continue to come up against challenging decisions in life & going forward into a new career in the Wind Industry I can expect to meet every one, wielding limitless potential in one hand & fearlessness in the other.

Natatsha Cabrera