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Hands-on Training for Today's Careers

Hands-on Training for Today's Careers

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That’s why many of our programs include a modern mix of on-campus and online education. Our flexible career training programs are designed to get you into the workforce faster than a traditional college or university. With PCI, you can get the education and training you need for a rewarding career while maintaining your existing work, family and social commitments. RS

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The PCI campuses are where you live. Our main campus is in Kansas City, Missouri with a satellite location in north Kansas City. We also have an online option where we bring the classroom to you.


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I am a graduate of the Cell Tower Technician Program. I was talking with one of our instructors Jarred Heitz who happened to also be one of the Wind Turbine Program instructors, after talking to him about the program, I decided that I would further my education and enroll once I finished the Cell Tower program. The instructors at Pinnacle are outstanding and will do whatever they have to do to make sure every student gets the best possible education. The staff at Pinnacle are second to none and makes sure every student gets what they need and will not think twice about staying late to make sure all the administration portions are taken care of so the students don't miss any class time. When I am finished getting my certificate as a Wind Turbine Technician I plan to start a career in the wind field and possibly further my education. I would personally recommend Pinnacle Career Institute to anyone wanting to further their education, and cannot thank them enough for the education I have already received and for that which I am still receiving.

- Benjamin McLane - Wind Turbine Technician